Assistance and guidance to resolve personal or psychological problems: stress, anxiety, childhood issues, PTSD, depression, life purpose, relationship issues. Individual and couples therapy.


Smoking cessation, addictions, phobias, deep seated trauma, weight issues, infertility and more. Can be used in conjunction with Counselling.


Life is now: improve your life being in the present. Individual sessions and corporate workshops.

What we do

At Diamond Wellbeing I help people improve the quality of their life because that is my passion. To do that I offer a variety of treatments.

My strength is the ability to see you, holistically, as a whole, and to use different techniques that work on different levels.

Everyone likes a bit of TLC and here at Diamond Wellbeing TLC is what I do: I take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual needs to help you improve your life experience.

My percentage of success is very high and I never had a complaint or an unsatisfied client in over 10 years of activity.


What to do next

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