What is your why?

I have searched the human soul over the years, my own and, through my holistic work, other people’s too. Every time I really wanted to get to the core of things, every single time I needed to really grasp what was going on with someone or when I wanted to achieve meaningful results, I realised that everything boils down to one thing and one thing only: why do we do what we do? What does really get us out of bed in the morning and makes us do what we do every day, included the stuff we don’t even like? If you ask yourself why do you want something, a new job for example, you will come up with all sorts of answers: because it pays more, because it’s closer to home or because is far away from home! Once you got your main answer, the one that stands out the most, just keep asking yourself why: why do you want more money? And so on until you get to the so called “point of pain”. This is what really hurts you, the thing that brings tears to your eyes or a tightness to your stomach. It could be that you want more money because there was never enough as you grew up or because you were robbed or even because you had to pay someone else’s debts. Any of these experiences can leave a mark in you, a trauma, and leave you sensitive to it. Sometimes the trauma, the sensitiveness, is to acute that it influences your choices. That is your point of pain that leads to your why and, when you discover that, you can work with it. Know yourself to heal your life!

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